Nrf2, the Master Regulator of Anti-Oxidative Responses 

Nrf2 plays a crucial role in inflammation by helping our body produce antioxidants. Nrf2 acts as a regulator and can turn on/off certain genes when needed, helping to detoxify and protect against harmful substances. 

The nuclear factor erythroid 2-like 2 (Nrf2) is a key factor in maintaining a balanced immune response and avoiding chronic inflammation. When oxidative stress occurs, Nrf2 becomes stabilized and triggers the production of antioxidants and cytoprotective genes. This leads to an anti-inflammatory response and promotes healing. Both overactivation and underactivation of Nrf2 can contribute to the development of chronic diseases. Understanding how Nrf2 is regulated and how it interacts with signaling pathways involved in inflammation can help in developing therapies to prevent Nrf2 dysregulation and improve chronic inflammatory diseases.